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What is the best spray foam insulation type?

There are many types of spray foam insulation on the market and not all of them can offer you the insulation you want. When selecting the insulation for your house, you should make sure to pay attention to some details that can make a difference between a warm and cold home during the winter. Also some types of spray foam are vapor resistant and do not leak air. This quality can be found in closed-cell spray foam as it depends from the R-value and from the density of the spray foam.

How to find the best spray foam insulation type?

To find the best spray foam insulation type you should determine the needs of your house. For example, open-cell spray foam can be used on interior walls and closed-cell is recommended for exterior walls, floors and roofs. You could combine these two types of spray foam to get a good result and that is a home that is not leaking air and is moisture free, and for less money. If preferred you can however use a closed-cell spray foam in your entire home for best results as it is suitable for the interior and exterior surfaces.

There are two types of polyurethane spray foam: open-cell and closed-cell spray foam. The cost of spray foam insulation vary from the type of foam you select to install. If you choose to install the open-cell spray foam, then you will spend less money and get less quality. When it comes to closed-cell spray foam, then you will spend more and get more for your money.

When comparing two types of spray foam, it is noticeable that they have some similarities and some differences. Both of them are vapor permeable, but a closed-cell spray foam is also a vapor barrier. Open-cell and closed-cell will offer you an air barrier creating an air tight wall system. Both of these foams are not interesting for mold or pests as they do not provide them with any food. Whether you choose open or closed-cell spray foam, you can be sure that your family home is free from mold and pests. When it comes to filling cracks and crevices, then both types will do the job. They are energy efficient and they are saving the environment as the home that is insulated with spray foam consumes less energy.

R-value of the closed-cell spray foam is higher and it is around 6 per inch while the open-cell foam has the value of around 3 per inch. The higher the R-value the higher the insulation properties of the applied spray foam hence better insulation and knowing that and your budget you can decide on the best spray foam insulation type for you. The blowing agent that is used when spraying the foam is water at the open-cell and closed-cell spray foam uses water or chemicals.

Open-cell spray foam is more effective when it comes to sound proofing and it is more cost effective.

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