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What is spray foam insulation R value?

Spray foam is applied directly on the surface that we want to insulate. The cavities on the wall and floor are easily filled with polyurethane spray foam as it is liquid and it easily transforms into hard and thick foam insulation. There are two types of spray foam: open-cell and closed-cell foam. Open-cell spray foam is half-pound and it is applied on the interior walls. For insulation of the other parts of your house it is recommended to use a two pound spray foam, i.e., closed-cell spray foam.

Understanding Spray foam insulation R value

Spray foam insulation R value stands for the thermal resistance to the flow of the heat. This value determines the insulation properties. With higher R-value comes higher insulation. The highest R-value can be found in closed-cell polyurethane spray foam. In these cells there is a low-conductivity gas that shields the house from losing warm or cool air. The R-value of this foam per inch ranges from R-5 to R-6. This type of spray foam is used in buildings and houses.

Open-cell spray foam has an R-value of 3.5 per inch. This type of spray foam is vapor permeable as it has a lesser density than closed-cell spray foam. Its density is 0.5 lb. per cubic foot. When using the open-cell spray foam, you should also use vapor retarder. The blowing agent that is used during the application of the foam is not locked into the spray foam. It is being released while the foam expands and cures. This type of spray foam has a sponge like structure and that is the reason why it is not resistant to humidity and water. As it does not trap the gas bubbles inside, it does not need to be so strong and dense as the closed-cell spray foam.

Closed-cell spray foam has the density of 2 lb. per cubic foot and it is more recommended than open-cell spray foam as it insulates your house much more efficiently. When using this type of foam there is no need for vapor retarder as this type of spray foam has the quality of being a vapor retarder as well. It consists of gas bubbles that are locked into the foam and these bubbles increase its insulation properties. Gas bubbles are made of the blowing agent and they are formed during the expansion of the spray foam.

When selecting a spray foam for your home you should consult with the professionals to see what spray foam insulation R value is suitable for your home so that you are able to insulate your house in an efficient way. Some parts of your home may require an open-cell spray foam insulation while other parts may be suitable for closed-cell insulation. The costs vary from the surface that is insulated and from the type of the spray foam that is used.

If you would like to learn more about spray foam insulation and its costs, feel free to contact us at Airseal. By filling out the form on our website, you will be able to get a quick quote that will tell you exactly what you need and how much it would cost.