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What is spray foam insulation made of?

Many people are wondering from what is spray foam insulation made of as they would like to know what is exactly that will be installed in their house. There are various types of spray foam and their ingredients vary from foam to foam. It is best that you consult an expert, before you decide which spray foam would you like to have your house insulated with.

On the market there can be found spray foams that are open-cell or closed cell made from polyurethane. These two types of foam are also available in a more greener form as they are containing soy-based products. Polyurethane is made from isocynate and polyol. Iscocynate is usually made from methylene diphenyl diisocynate or in short MDI.

Spray foam insulation made of icynene or icynene spray foam is based on castor oil, which makes it environmentally friendly. Castor oil has replaced the polyol and for that reason it is safe ingredient for your home and family. It has constant thermal performance and its R-value is 3.7 per inch. Icynene spray foam can reduce airborne and flanking noise. Airborne noise is the noise from stereos, talking, televisions and gaming systems. Flanking sounds come from plumbing runs. With this type of spray foam you can eliminate or muffle those sounds. This type of foam has less than 5% of water absorption and creates a great air seal.

There are many benefits that make a spray foam insulation stand out when compared to other methods of insulation. It prevents mold as it is a moisture and vapour barrier. Some methods of insulation may be food for mold like fiberglass insulation. Healthy environment is not a luxury anymore as with this insulation you will prevent many diseases and you will create a home where you will be able to raise healthy children.

Another great benefit of having your home insulated with icynene or polyurethane spray foam is the money savings. You can save great amounts of money if you insulate your house properly. In the period of 5 years you will gain back all that money that you have invested in the spray foam insulation as you will experience significant cuts on your energy bills. After that period you can expect to start with the savings as the estimated period of the spray foam durability is around 80 years.

When insulating your home, you should pay attention to wear protective gear as spray foam insulation made of some substances may be harmful during the application. The best solution would be to call the professionals that have experience with this type of work as that way you can be safe and be sure that the insulation is done by the regulations.

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