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What is better – Spray foam insulation or fiberglass?

Many people are wondering about the same question – spray foam insulation or fiberglass. If you are planning to build a house it is advisable that you put the insulation on the top of your priorities. If you already have a home, but you are looking for ways to improve your house or to save money on bills, then spray foam could be the answer.

Fiberglass insulation is packed in rolls or batts. Its price is a lot lower when compared to spray foam insulation. The price can tell you all, as fiberglass is a lot less effective than spray foam and yet it is installed in 85% of the homes in America. When it comes to installation, then the price is higher with spray foam. Spray foam once installed will last you for a lifetime and with that it justifies its price as you will get your money back on the bills in a very short period of time. You can expect to get your money back in 5 to 7 years from installing a spray foam. Furthermore it is estimated that spray foam will last around 80 years and fiberglass only 10-25 if it stays dry.

When installing fiberglass, attention must be paid to cutting to keep it effective. It must be cut around power sockets, which can be very time consuming. In order to protect yourself, you should wear some gear as fiberglass can cause some problems with your eyes, skin and throat. It contains glass wool fibers that is considered carcinogenic and can create small cuts.

Spray foam is getting more and more popular every day. Its share on market is less when compared to fiberglass, but it is increasing rapidly. The ingredients of a spray foam are polymer and foaming agent. Foaming agent allows it to expand to over 100 times than its original size and to fill all the holes. Spray foam insulation however has ingredients called isocyanates that can cause irritations in your respiratory system, eyes and gastrointestinal system so it is best that the insulation is handled by professionals. If these ingredients get directly on your skin, then they can cause rash and inflammation on your neck, chests and arms. It can also lead to asthma attack and chemical bronchitis. These health problems could happen to people installing the insulation and only during the insulation. After applied there are no dangers for your health. Wearing a protective gear or calling a professional team of people could save you from all these health risks.

When compared spray foam insulation or fiberglass, spray foam insulation will stop the air from passing through and fiberglass will not. In that way you can lose 30% of cold air or heat and you will spend more money on energy bills. Even worse scenario is that the fiberglass is not installed properly and in that case you will lose more cool air or heat. Spray foam leaves no holes or space for the air to pass through as it is like an air barrier. Its R-value is much more higher than the R-value of the fiberglass insulation.

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