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Spray Foam Roofing

Spray foam roofing is an economical product that offers tons of benefits to building owners. Whether you’re looking into spray foam roofing for your home or business, the waterproof and insulating material is sure to add value to your property while helping maintain a comfortable indoor living environment. The specialized foam also offers other benefits such as compressive strength, self-flashing, exceptional durability and a long life.


Benefits of spray foam roofing


One of the biggest benefits of spray foam insulation roofing is that it covers the entire roof deck, providing a monolithic seal. It is self flashing and has a high insulation value. In fact, your new spray foam roof will pay for itself quickly in energy savings alone. The material is weather resistant, lightweight and strong enough to stand up to storms, wind and harsh winter weather.




Spray foam roofing is a liquid formed from two individual components that are mixed together. It is applied using a special sprayer. The liquid formula allows it to penetrate cracks and crevices, filling gaps you may not even know exist. Installation can only be completed on a surface that is clean, dry and clear of any debris. One applied, the foam expands to roughly 30 times the original volume. A hard, closed cell surface is left behind, drying just seconds after application.


Because of the amazing expansion and hardening properties of the foam, a weather tight roofing membrane is created. The lightweight polyurethane formula adds minimal weight to the structure and can be used in rehabilitation projects. When applied correctly, the roofing should last for 35 years or longer.


Spray foam roofing can be applied using different techniques depending on the existing roof structure. Local building codes will dictate what installation techniques may be used. Once installed, proper maintenance is required.


After application, a protective coating will be applied. The coating provides a weather resistant surface and allows maintenance workers to walk on the foam without worry.


Energy Savings


Energy Star roofing materials such as spray foam roofing can help reduce energy bills by up to 50 percent. The lightweight coating reflects the sun, reducing the amount of radiant heat and lowering the roof by up to 100 degrees depending on the ambient temperature.


If you’re thinking about increasing your building’s value and insulation, consider spray foam roofing as an alternative to other insulation methods and expensive roofing materials. Click on the button below to get a free quote.