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Does Spray Foam Insulation Soundproof

Spray foam insulation is a great choice for people looking for an economical way to seal all of the nooks and crannies in their home. Besides offering excellent heat retention, spray foam insulation can be used to soundproof a room as well. Soundproofing is a term applied to any type of material that can be used to absorb sounds so they can’t be heard through walls. Soundproofing insulation is often used in homes or commercial buildings to help create a quieter, more pleasant environment.

In the home

In the home, soundproof insulation is used to prevent noise coming from the outside from irritating the occupants. Homes on busy streets or apartments are all excellent candidates for this type of insulation. Home soundproofing foam is usually very dense and solid so noises bounce off the material and don’t enter the home.

Soundproof spray foam insulation is a great choice for home use since it’s completely contained within the walls. However, it’s important to note that the insulation will need to be installed during construction or renovation to provide the greatest access.

Usually, soundproofing foam is a liquid that is sprayed into the walls. The foam expands to completely fill the space for complete sound blocking. Soundproofing capabilities of foam insulation vary by type. On average, the insulation offers an NRS of 0.7 and an STC of 37.

In businesses

In businesses, soundproofing foam is used during the construction phase or during a renovation. Like residential spray soundproofing foam, commercial foam is sprayed between the walls to seal and soundproof the space. In addition to spraying wall spaces, businesses may also spray an area between a faux ceiling and the structural ceiling as well as an area underneath the floor. Completely blocking in the space provides maximum soundproofing without allowing in noise from a warehouse or shipping area connected to the business.

Because businesses typically have a larger budget for soundproofing than individuals, the quality of the foam may be higher or the thickness of the foam may be larger. Better quality foam with fewer open areas and a thicker application area lead to better soundproofing.

Whatever the reason, soundproofing a home or business with spray insulation is a great choice. The spray material is completely contained within the walls of the structure, allowing for great noise reduction without the visual disturbance of other soundproofing materials. If you want to soundproof an area and plan to use spray foam insulation, be sure you ask for the type that soundproofs as well as insulates for the best results.