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Spray Foam Insulation on Metal Building

Metal buildings are popular because they are inexpensive to build and stand up well to a variety of environmental conditions. Traditional buildings, such as warehouses and factories also use metal roofs as a way of saving money on materials and labor. Metal roofs are lightweight, durable and able to be used in a variety of circumstances.

Unfortunately, metal roofs and metal buildings aren’t very energy efficient. To help combat the extreme energy loss that comes with these products, many builders are installing spray foam insulation as a way of increasing the R-value to keep air in place and reduce energy costs. Closed-cell spray foam insulation can also increase the structural integrity of the building.



Metal roofing and wall panels can cost anywhere from $10 to $15 per square foot. The same area will cost roughly $3 to $5 to insulate using spray foam insulation. The added foam will provide not only heat benefits, it will also add to the waterproof quality of the roof and add strength. Properly designed, constructed and installed metal buildings or roofs should last a minimum of 15 years before requiring any major reconstruction or serious rehabilitation.



Typically, closed-cell spray foam insulation is used in metal buildings because it helps strengthen the structure. The foam is sprayed on as a liquid and then hardens and expands to up to 40 times its original volume. The foam fills cracks and crevices that can be difficult to manage with other materials. It can be applied to walls, ceilings or even floors.



Because metal expands and contracts with the outside temperature, the fasteners holding the panels together are prone tow eating out. Metal panels can separate, welds can break and the roof can leak. The consequences can be extreme depending on the type of business housed within. Spray foam insulation can help eliminate thermal shock movement by providing a layer of material that does not change shape with the weather. Less movement means less chance for leaks.

Other Considerations


Condensation is a consideration with any type of metal building. Using a vapor retarder is an important part of the installation process. Spray foam insulation can be used as a vapor barrier, which will prevent condensation. It can fill tight corners, irregular surfaces, cracks and other issues.

It can also help create an air tight environment. Metal buildings are rarely air tight, but with the addition of spray foam insulation, a much better degree of air sealing is achieved. Sealing the space will cut down on heating costs, prevent drafts and also prevent rodents or bugs from entering the workspace. For quotes on spray foam insulation, click on the link below.