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Spray Foam Insulation Guide For Homeowners

You want the best for your home and there is no better insulation material than spray foam insulation. Spray foam insulation helps seal your home from air and moisture so you can save money on your utility bills without sacrificing your comfort. Not only will you save money on heating and cooling costs, the insulating material will also strengthen your home and help prevent the growth of dangerous mold which can cause health problems.

Benefits of spray foam insulation

Before you choose an insulation, take a look at all the benefits of spray foam insulation. The heat retention material is more than just a way to control the climate in your home. Here are some of the extra benefits of choosing spray foam insulation:

• Stops moisture
• Keeps home comfortable
• Reduces utility bills
• Strengthens structure
• Permanent, non-sagging
• Reduces dust and allergens in environment
• Wears well

Even FEMA recommends spray foam insulation because certain varieties can be flood resistant. That means if a storm hits you can rest easy knowing that your insulation won’t be damaged and need replacing. In a study, spray foam insulation was able to withstand flood waters for more than 72 hours, earning it the designation of FEMA approved flood resistant materials.

How to choose spray foam insulation

When choosing spray foam insulation, there are a few considerations you need to make.

1.) Climate – If you live in an area where severe weather is a consideration, plan on using closed-cell polyurethane foam (SPF for short). The closed-cell formula not only insulates, it’s also water-resistant and helps reinforce the structure of your home.

2.) Structure – Take a look at the structure you’re trying to insulate. Does it need reinforcing? If so, closed-cell foam can help strengthen weak spots and prevent collapses or accidents.

3.) RF Factor – Like other types of insulation, spray foam insulation has an RF factor. Look at your insulation needs and decide how high of an RF factor you need. Closed cell spray foam insulation can have an R value of about 6 per 1 inch of thickness. That means you can get better insulation from less material, making it a great choice for renovations and new construction alike.

Energy savings

Once you install your spray foam insulation, you can expect to notice energy savings right away. Most people see a reduction of 30 percent on their energy bills. New insulation throughout your home will usually pay for itself within 5 years just through energy savings.

The energy savings come from the reduction in lost air. In cooler months, warm air won’t be able to escape so homes will be heated less frequently leading to fewer fuel deliveries. Regardless of which type of heating system you have, you’ll notice a reduction in the cost of heating and cooling your home.