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Spray Foam Insulation for Pest Reduction and Soundproofing

Pests are a real problem in the house. Almost every home has a problem with them, but depending on what approach is taken, they can keep coming back or leave you for good. What if there is a way to make them not be able to come back while in the same time you would have a much quieter home, no matter how far you are from the road? – There is – spray foam insulation!

Spray foam insulation is a great insulating agent to use. The reasons are many and one of them are the soundproofing and the pest reduction.

Pests like those cavities in the walls that are hidden from the light, have just a proper amount of heat and humidity – a pest paradise. It also allows them to go quickly over to other cavities and so go through the entire house.

While this is paradise for them, no matter big or small, this is definitely something that you do not want to see. They look gross, but even worst, they can cause all sorts of health issues and might even make your sleep, dinning or many other normal family activities into a battle of the strongest.

The Spray foam is something that they do not see as food. Unlike the empty cavity, the spray foam does not give them any space to go through or make their home allowing you to get them out of the security of their ‘paradise’ into the open where you can put traps, poison, or simply broom them out. As your home would be too hard to live in for them, they will ‘pack and go’ to some other house that is not foam insulated and offers them the protection.

Since spray foam fills out every hole entirely, if done properly, the cavities are not able to transfer the noise from the outside in or from the inside out so you can enjoy louder music and quieter noise from the outside in the same time. Depending on how close you are to the road and how much traffic the road has, you might not even hear it any more, causing you and your family to have a peaceful sleep.

If you want to have your home soundproofed and to make your home unfriendly for the pests in the same time, your best choice is the spray foam insulation. This is a permanent protection of your home that will help you fight against temperature differences, water, moisture and mold alongside of making your home a sound and pest proof resort for you and your family.

To get an estimate on what can be done and how much it would cost you, for what you want to accomplish, fill out the form today and we will be happy to do the estimate for you. Put your trust in our vast experience and expertise and find out why we are the best company for you and for the process of quality spray foam insulation.