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Spray Foam Insulation and Energy Savings

If you’re looking for an easy way to improve your home’s efficiency and reduce your energy costs, consider having spray foam insulation installed. The expandable insulation is designed to fill in cracks and gaps in your walls to prevent air from unintentionally coming in or going out. Spray foam insulation is often considered the premier insulation type for new homes.

To install spray foam insulation, the installer uses a special machine to spray the foam into the wall. The foam typically begins as a liquid and expands once it is applied to a surface. For pre-existing homes, the process may require the removal of some sheetrock or plaster.

Spray foam types

There are many types of spray foam on the market. From soundproof to waterproof and everything in between. When choosing a type of spray foam insulation for your project, consider the space’s needs, the climate where you live and your budget. While soundproof, waterproof, closed-cell spray insulation is a tempting choice for almost any home, it’s just not practical for all families because of the cost. Lightweight open cell foams may be a better idea for those on a budget.

Soundproof insulation is used to dampen noises that are either coming in or leaving the space. Soundproof insulation is usually installed in the walls, though exterior insulation can also be used.

Waterproof insulation is used in areas that are prone to dampness or in finished basements. The insulation prevents water seepage for a cleaner, dryer space. This is especially helpful in basements, kitchens, bathrooms and other rooms with access to water.

Energy savings

Once installed, you’ll notice significant energy savings. Spray foam insulation fills gaps, cracks and holes so that air stays in your home, where it belongs. Whether you’re trying to keep heated or cooled air in, putting up a barrier between the outside and your home is the best way to keep your climate comfortable all year long.

Because air cannot easily escape your home once it is insulated with spray foam insulation, you’ll spend less money on heating and cooling your space. Not only will you save money on energy costs, you’ll also waste less fuel, a bonus for the environment.

Spray foam insulation can be installed quickly and at a fair price. Whether you’re renovating an old home or putting insulation on a new home, choosing spray foam insulation is the best way to save energy without sacrificing your personal comfort. Look into spray foam options today and see how you can improve your quality of living by stepping up your insulation.