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What does spray foam insulation cost in Toronto Ontario

Spray foam insulation is applied on the roofs, walls, on surfaces with contours and around corners in order to create an air-tight sealing barrier. There are two types of spray foam made from polyurethane, called open-cell and closed-cell spray foam.

Spray foam insulation cost

depends from its type and from the amount of the applied spray foam. You can insulate your whole house, certain rooms or just parts of your house.

Open-cell (OC) spray foam has a density of 1⁄2 lb. per cu. ft and its R-value is R-3.5 to R-3.6 per in. R-value depends from the density of the spray foam as the higher the density you have, you will have a higher R-value. R-value stands for thermal resistance. It plays an important part in insulation of your house as it shows the resistance of the material to the heat flow. It is better that this values is higher as the resistance will be greater. Open-call spray foam is applied on the walls, roofs and ceilings. As it has a lower density than closed-cell spray foam, it is not as vapour resistant. When it is applied on the attic and in cold climate, it is advised that the foam is sprayed with vapour-retarding paint.

The price of the R6 & the cost of the foam is $2.00-$7.00 per sq foot.

Closed-cell (CC) spray foam has a density of 2 lb. per cu. ft and the R-value of this spray foam is R-6.5 per in. It is applied on the walls, roofs, ceilings and under slabs. This type of insulation is the most expensive one, but its quality justifies the price. The price of this foam is $1.75 to $3 per sq. ft. If this foam is installed properly, then it will give better results than any other type or form of insulation. When it comes to air exchange, it creates a very good barrier. It is also good at keeping moisture and vapour from the inside of your home. CC will add to the strength of your wall structure, ceiling or roof as it has a tenacity like a glue. Some of the constructors are however avoiding the usage of this foam as this foam uses blowing agents like hydro-fluorocarbons that are contributing to global-warming.

When it comes to costs, every investment in your house will cost a certain amount of money, but not every investment will allow you to save your money. Saving money on bills is possible with spray foam insulation. Spray foam insulation cost is something that you should consider as an investment in your future as it will save you lots of money on the long run.

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