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Spray foam insulation before or after framing?

Spray foam insulation is an effective way of saving your money as it creates an air barrier. It keeps the air inside of your house and the air that is outside from the interior of your house.

Many people are wondering whether they should insulate their house before of after framing. It is always better to insulate your house after the framing as you will have a more solid construction and with spray foam you will make it even more solid.

Another reason why you should do the spray foam insulation after the framing is that you do not need to cut the spray foam in order to do the additional framing. In that way you are saving materials and your time. As materials and time cost money, you will be saving money for some other improvements on your house.

As the installations are built in with the framing, it is advisable that you insulate your house then as again you are saving your time and material.

It would be a lot messier to do the insulation before framing and of course time consuming.

Benefits of spray foam insulation

Every type of insulation has its own advantages and disadvantages that make them stand out on the market. Some of the types of insulation cost less and of course they offer less in quality.

Spray foam insulation may cost a bit more than a traditional way of insulation, but benefits of spray foam insulation overweight the costs. It is a far better choice as it lasts a lifetime and it does not lose its shape over time. It will stay on the same place where you have placed it and in that way you will have your house insulated where you need it the most.

Energy efficiency is something that every home should strive for as it is good for our environment. Less fuel, oil or coal is spent if we do not lose energy through our walls, floors or roof. During the winter, you could have a much warmer home and during summers you can protect yourself from the heat in a more efficient way.

Health is very important and should be put on the first place. By having a spray foam insulation in your house, you are investing in your health. Spray foam insulation is not food for pests or mold and in that way it keeps your environment more cleaner and healthier. Pests can bring all sorts of dirt and germs in your house and by that they are making it unhealthy. Mold is known for its bad characteristics when it comes to health. It causes allergies and other diseases that could lead to unwanted events like death. You should make sure that your home is secure and free from all the sources of diseases.

Airseal is a company that specializes in spray foam insulation and has trained professionals. If you are looking for a free quote, then please fill out the form on our website today. We will be glad to assist you in the action of making your home a better place for living starting now!