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Spray Foam Equipment – Installing the Proper Equipment

You’ve probably heard a lot of chatter about going green and energy efficiency, but what does that mean in your home? In the average home, air leaks out through the floors, walls, windows and ceiling. The reason is because of inadequate insulation. This air leakage costs the average homeowner a lot of money because energy must be used to reheat or re-cool the air in the home to create a comfortable atmosphere.


There’s good news though, you can save money on energy costs while saving the environment at the same time by making energy efficient changes to your home. You can start by adding new insulation to your home. Spray foam insulation, which goes on as a liquid and hardens to a solid, is effective at filling cracks, gaps and holes for better air sealing and lower energy consumption. In order to install spray foam insulation, you’ll need access to some specialized equipment.


What is Spray Foam Insulation


Spray foam insulation is a type of liquid chemical that is housed in 2 separate chambers in a special tank. The 2 liquids are mixed in a special type of spray nozzle, thereby activating them. Once activated, the chemicals expand rapidly and harden into a dense, durable material. The insulation can fill any hole or gap it encounters, stopping air leaks and water drips. It provides long-term protection against mold, mildew and other hazards. It also prevents rodents or insects from entering the home where they can cause damage.


What Do You Need to Install It


Using spray foam insulation in your home is a great choice since it’s durable and long lasting. Once installed, you don’t have to worry about it settling or condensing, so once it’s done, it’s done. However, if you’re not a professional, you may not know that there is some specific equipment needed to handle it.

These are a few items that make up the Spray Foam Equipment list:

First, you’ll need a special gun or nozzle. The nozzle is designed to allow for the 2 components to mix before being sprayed. You’ll also need a certain type of machine and a list of extras that includes a reactor. proportioner, transfer pumps, hoses, spray rigs, trailers and safety equipment. You should cover skin and eyes while installing the foam and a respirator should also be worn.


It’s a good idea to have extras of each piece just in case something gets clogged. The spray nozzle and hose are the most likely parts to get clogged and fortunately, they are relatively cheap to replace. Keep an extra on hand to prevent work stoppages.


You own’t find a material that’s as effective and green as spray foam insulation. Click on the link below to learn more about the insulation and for a quote to insulate your space today.