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Spray Foam Insulation in Richmond Hill




Homes with spray foam insulation, in Richmond Hill and any other town with the same variety of houses, show that using spray foam can reduce energy costs in newer and older homes.

Due to the popularity of fibreglass batt insulation, many Richmond Hill homeowners, especially those in newer houses, don’t realize the advantages of spray foam insulation:


Spray Foam Insulation in Richmond HillHigher R-value

Spray foam insulation keeps your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer with higher R-values than fibreglass batts. One inch of spray foam insulation has the same R-value as two inches of fibreglass batts.


Complete Seal

Fibreglass batts leave gaps through which heat can escape in winter and enter in summer. Spray foam insulation expands on contact to fill every gap and seal your home.



Batts are affected by even small amounts of moisture, which reduces their insulating capacity. Spray foam insulation is waterproof and can even seal small leaks.


It’s a wonder why there isn’t spray foam insulation in more Richmond Hill homes.

Air Seal Insulators are spray foam insulation specialists with extensive experience in insulating newer and older Richmond Hill homes and commercial buildings.  When you choose Air Seal, not only do you get better insulation, you get a better insulation company:


Certified Spray Foam Insulation Professionals

We understand how to insulate your building properly and we treat you and your property with respect.


High Quality Insulation

All our insulation products are CCMC-approved and environmentally friendly.


No Charge Estimate

Whether you need spot insulation in a home, or to insulate an entire building, we will give you a fair estimate.


Air Seal understands your life and business can’t stop just because you need better insulation.   Our work is done on time and on budget, we do our work with minimal interruption to you and we leave your property the way we found it (or better!).

Look to Air Seal Insulators if you’re searching for spray foam insulation in Richmond HillContact Air Seal today and start enjoying the comforts of better insulation.







Air Seal’s blown-in spray foam insulation expands
to fill every gap and seal your building to minimize
heat transfer and maximize all the benefits you
get from insulating your home or business.




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