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What Will Remove Spray Foam Insulation from Skin

You read all the warnings and precautions, but decided the level of personal protection equipment advised for the installation of spray foam insulation was just too much. You forewent the recommendations and surprise, you now have a layer of spray foam insulation on your skin. The icky, sticky substance sticks to skin like white on rice, so what’s next? How will you ever get it off?

Fortunately, small amounts of spray foam insulation will not harm you. However, it’s annoying to deal with and it’s tough to get off. If you manage to get to it before it cures, you can usually just wipe it off without too much trouble. However, once it’s cured, you’re in a whole other level of annoyance. Read on for some steps you can use to get spray foam insulation off of your skin.

Uncured Spray Foam

If the foam is uncured, you’re in luck. Uncured spray foam is the easiest to remove.

How To Remove Spray Foam Insulation From Skin

1.) Wipe the excess foam from your skin while it’s still wet. Use a paper towel or other object that you don’t mind tossing. Once you’ve wiped the foam, throw the wiping tool away immediately to avoid spreading the mess further.

2.) Wipe the area with acetone. You’ll notice that there’s a film left on the skin, and fortunately acetone is a great product to remove it with. Acetone is the active ingredient in most types of nail police remover. Read the label though as non-acetone varieties also exist.

3.) Wash your hands using soap and water. You’ll probably notice that the area you worked on is very dry at this point, so you’ll want to thoroughly moisturize it with hand lotion, lanolin or another substance to restore oils. Acetone will strip skin of it’s natural oil rather quickly which can lead to drying, cracking and general discomfort. You can use whatever lotion or moisturizing product you prefer.

Cured Spray Foam

1.) Rub a pumice stone over the dried foam. The pumice will gently work away the dried foam like sandpaper, but it won’t damage your skin or hands. You’ll want to wash your hands with soap and water after working with the stone to remove the shaved debris.

2.) Apply petroleum jelly or lanolin in generous amounts to the area you worked on. Cover it with plastic wrap, a glove or another covering for an hour or two to let the lotion penetrate and really soak in to any remaining foam insulation.

3.) Remove the plastic covering or glove and wash with soap and warm water. Repeat the process of applying petroleum jelly or lanolin as many times as needed to completely remove the foam.

Of course, you can avoid this problem all together by hiring a professional Spray Foam Insulation Company to install the foam for you.