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How much HEAT are you LOSING?

If your home is cooler than you’d like in the winter and warmer than you’d like in the summer, odds are that you’re losing heat. Confused? Don’t be. Homes with gaps in the insulating layer between the interior and exterior walls can rapidly lose heat, causing the living space to be less than ideal. If that sounds like what may be happening in your home, it’s time to think about upgrading your insulation.

Detecting heat loss


While there’s no clear way to know just how much heat you’re losing, there are ways you can see if your home is leaking precious air. It’s easiest to detect heat loss in the winter, so these tips will be geared for cold weather.


Head over to the nearest window in your home and put your hand on it. Is the window cold? Probably. Now, touch the wall adjacent to the window and note the temperature. Is it just as cold as the window? If it is, you have significant heat loss. How, go to an interior wall and touch that one. Note the difference between the interior and exterior wall. If there’s a big difference in feel, you know that you’re losing a lot of heat through the wall. If there’s less difference, your insulation is working, but can probably work better. If there’s no difference, you’ve probably just upgraded your insulation.


Doors are another place that heat is readily lost. Not only can heat escape around the door, the constant motion of the door and elements seeping in around it cause the insulation in the wall around the door to shift. This creates gaps, allowing air to escape. You can tell how badly your home has shifted by simply looking around the door. If the door isn’t flush in the frame and there are visible gaps, it has probably shifted significantly, causing your insulation to shift as well.

If you can’t see any gaps, hold a lit match up to the space where the door meets the wall. Note the flame. Flickering or even extinguishing of the flame can indicate air flow. That means your door has shifted or it’s time to upgrade the weather stripping.


After a snowfall, it’s a good time to take a look at your roof. Before the sun has a chance to melt the snow, head outside and look up. If you notice the snow melting from your roof, odds are that you’re losing significant heat. If you have ice dams, you’re definitely losing heat and making your home vulnerable to water penetration.

What to do


If you think you’re losing heat from your home, it’s a good idea to think about upgrading your insulation. Spray foam insulation is a great way to seal cracks and crevices while creating a thick layer of insulation between walls, floors or the ceiling. Spray foam insulation can be put in very quickly and the energy savings will be immediately noticeable.

Click on the link below to get quotes from highly qualified spray foam installers near you. You may be surprised to see how affordable creating a warm and inviting living space can be.