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Insulation Solutions – Insulation Removal

In With The New

Your older insulation is probably costing you money. Even worse, it could be a health hazard.


Old Insulation

New Premium Spray Foam Insulation from Air Seal

  1. Damp and mouldy – can be a source of breathing problems
  1. Waterproof and mould resistant
  2. Keeps clean air in and pollutants out
  1. Numerous gaps that reduce the actual R value
  1. Higher R-value – Spray foam is better insulation – 1” of spray foam has a higher R value than 1” of any other common insulation
  2. Seals your home or business – spray foam expands to into all corners and crevices, fills gaps, small leaks and wraps itself around ductwork, pipes and support structures
  3. Reduces drafts and temperature shifts between rooms
  1. Not properly installed
  1. Expertly installed by certified professionals who have respect for your time and property
  1. Costing you money by allowing expensive conditioned air to escape
  1. Saves money by reducing energy cost
  2. Extends the life of heaters and air conditioners


Get rid of your old insulation. Air Seal will remove and dispose of your old insulation quickly and cleanly before installing your high performance Icynene and BASF spray foam insulation.

  • Full service – out with the old, in with the new
  • Customized to your needs
  • Have a cleaner and healthier indoor environment while you save money on energy and equipment costs


Remove and dispose of your old insulation –
chances are your old insulation is damp, damaged or mouldy


Insulate according to your needs and specifications –
We won’t give you insulation you don’t need


Maintain a safe work area and a clean home –
You can trust that Air Seal’s courteous and professional
insulators will respect your home, furnishings and privacy

Call Air Seal today - 416 782 1900 -, an insulation expert is ready
to answer your questions and provide a No Charge, No Obligation
quotation to give your home the protection it deserves.