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Commercial and Industrial Insulation Solutions

Insulate Your Business

Commercial or industrial buildings, let Air Seal’s high performance
building insulation make a difference in your business:

Cost Savings

  • Reduce HVAC costs
  • Less ductwork required
  • Extend the working life of HVAC equipment

Improved Customer Service

  • Your customers appreciate a cleaner indoor
    environment and more comfortable space to do business

Better Employee Relations

  • Increase productivity and morale with
    a safer and healthier work environment

Longer Equipment Life Cycles

  • IT and other equipment lasts longer and
    works better in more consistent temperatures

Improved structure and fixtures

  • Spray foam insulation strengthens frames and structures.
    Insulate pipes, ductwork and enclosures for cost savings
    and efficiencies you never thought possible

Standards compliance

  • Meet and exceed corporate and government
    energy and environmental standards

Spray foam insulation expands to fill every gap and seal your
building to keep in clean air and stop heat from escaping in winter
and entering in summer.

Let Air Seal Insulators protect your commercial or industrial building,
equipment, employees and customers.

Call Air Seal today - 416 782 1900 -, an insulation expert is ready
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quotation to give your home the protection it deserves.