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Insulation Products

A Better Choice for Insulation

Your family, their safety, health and comfort, come first.

Air Seal offers a range of premium spray foam insulation systems.

Unlike other insulation materials, spray foam expands to fill
every gap that might allow heat to get through, which means

  • More comfortable interior environments – summer and winter
  • Reduced energy cost
  • Longer lasting heaters and air conditioners
  • Higher property values



Soft Spray Foam Insulation &
Air Barrier System
(1/2 lb)

With Air Seal’s Icynene blown-in insulation system, you get a product with a 20 year history of making homes and buildings healthier, quieter and more energy efficient


Keeps out exterior pollutants
Waterproof – mould and mildew
100% water-blown formulation

  • No PBDEs
  • No HFCs
  • No release of gas into your home
    or building


Keeps outside noise outside
Absorbs interior noise

Energy Efficient

Higher R Value than other insulating
Minimized air leakage
Stops the transfer of heat



Polyurethane Spray Foam Insulation/Air Barrier System
(2 lb)

Get a balance between ecology and economy with Air Seal’s WALLTITE spray foam insulation.

Improve your comfort, health
and safety

A draft-free, airtight building

Insulate anywhere

Domes, curved walls, cathedral
ceilings – blown-in insulation fits

Meets or exceeds insulation
performance standards

Exceeds National Building Code

Environmentally responsible

Made from recycled and renewable materials Won’t harm the ozone layer

Regardless of which insulation is best for you, Air Seal’s spray foam
insulation expands to fill every gap and seal your building to keep in
clean air and minimize heat transfer, summer and winter.

  • Saves money
  • Healthier
  • Environmentally friendly insde and out


Let Air Seal Insulators protect your home or business.


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