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Why Insulate?

Taking Care of Your Priorities

Your family, their safety, health and comfort, come first.


Your home and workplace protects you from wind, rain, snow, ice and anything else
Mother Nature can think of.

  • The Transfer of Heat

Heat is always trying to cool down. In summer, heat gets into cooler places, like homes and buildings. In winter, heat leaves your warm home for the cold outside. It’s called heat transfer.

The building materials that work best to protect you from the elements are not good at stopping heat transfer.

  • The High Cost of Air


As a home or business owner, you spend a lot of money each year heating buildings in winter and cooling them in

So, the air inside your home or business is
“expensive” and losing it is like losing money.

The Answer? Insulate!

Designed specifically to stop heat transfer, in winter, insulation keeps heat in
a building and, in summer, it keeps heat out.

You would think that would be good enough reason to insulate.
But insulation does so much more:

Save Money

With insulation, it costs less to heat and cool a building

Lower construction costs, either on a new building or
home renovations and additions, due to less HVAC needs
and reduced ductwork

More Comfort

Insulation stops drafts and reduces hot and cool spots


Insulation stops outside air pollutants from entering a building

Higher Property Value

Buyers pay more for well insulated homes and buildings

Environmentally friendly

Many insulation materials are made from recycled materials
and renewable resources

Energy Efficiency

Insulation reduces the consumption of fossil fuels and the
amount of pollution in the atmosphere

Longer Equipment Life

With insulation, heaters and air conditioners don’t work as
much, so they last longer

And that’s why you insulate.



Air Seal’s blown-in spray foam insulation expands
to fill every gap and seal your building to minimize
heat transfer and maximize all the benefits you
get from insulating your home or business.




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