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Hi Temp Spray Foam Insulation

There are lots of companies that could benefit from hi temp spray foam insulation. The spray foam product comes in a variety of materials and forms to suit various needs throughout the manufacturing industry. Whether you’re looking to insulate hot pipes or create a fire-wall between the shop and the main office, there’s a type of spray insulation to fit every need. Some spray foam insulations for high heat applications are quite remarkable.

Foam Material


It’s important for hi temp spray foam insulation to be made of the right material. Something non-flammable and capable of withstanding the high temperatures is a must. For a long time, people turned to asbestos for hi temp situations, but now there are alternatives on the market such as Perlite/silica. Like asbestos, it is volcanic in origin, but it can be made into several different forms. Researchers are currently working on developing special ceramic-based insulations that can absorb and bleed off heat. Fiberglass, mineral wool, polyisocyanurate and polyurethane plastic resins can all provide heat resistance if formed currently.



All types of hi temp spray foam materials can be made into insulation. Silicates are commonly woven then mixed with chemicals to form spray foams while magnesium oxide, cellulose and glass are all able to be spun into wool to pack around hot pipes. Plastics are commonly poured or sprayed or combined with other materials for custom shaped foam. Spun fibers can be made into mats, cloth or solid shapes. Ceramic insulators can be made into thin films plates, laminates or foils.

Each type of material has a different set of forms that it can take on. When choosing a spray foam insulation for hi temp applications, it’s important to not only look at the heat resistance, but also the shape and type of insulation product the material makes.



There are numerous hi temp insulation products on the market because each type of insulation has a limit. Asbestos for example is extremely heat resistant, but it is dangerous to use because it harms the lungs of t hose it comes in contact with. Plastic can give off fumes, ceramics may be loose and liquid foams can be too messy to apply. Prices vary widely depending on the type of insulation, so sometimes the best insulation choice can be out of reach financially.

Because of all these reasons, manufacturers have produced several types of spray foam insulation to meet the needs and budgets of consumers. For quotes on spray foam insulation, click on the link below.