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Foam Roofing Insulation for Building: Advantages

When building or remodeling your home, your goal is probably to improve the structure, not just the cosmetic appearance of it. When applied properly, foam roofing insulation can help your home have a stronger, more waterproof roof that prevents heat loss and helps keep you comfortable while reducing energy consumption. Spray foam is easy to install and typically a whole roof can be done in just a single day. Read on for some advantages of using the high-tech material.

It’s Water Resistant

The biggest deal is that spray foam insulation is water resistant. Closed-cell varieties, like the type you’d use on a roof, prevents water from passing through. If you have had issues with leaking ceilings in the past, spray foam insulation can help solve this problem while adding to your home’s insulation envelope.

It’s Strong

You can actually add strength to your roof by installing spray foam insulation. The closed cell varieties are strong enough to support the weight of a grown man and when applied between joists, it can help add rigidity to the building. Older roofs and roofs that have been structurally compromised can benefit from the added strength of spray foam insulation.

Normal application will result in added strength. There is nothing you need to do to make the foam any stronger than it already will be. Spray foam insulation is also very portable, and only requires a couple of tanks to transport. Unlike traditional insulation, it takes up very little space when not in use.

It Fills Gaps and Cracks

Unlike traditional insulation, spray foam insulation can easily fill cracks and gaps or flow around pipes. That means the sealing power is much greater. Less air can escape from a house that has been done with spray foam insulation which reduces energy consumption costs and creates a more comfortable home environment.

To fill around a pipe or a crack, simply spray the foam and allow it to expand. It will naturally seek out open spaces while expanding, entering and filling them completely. Spray foam can be applied directly around the pipes or any other obtrusions that would normally be very hard to insulate around.

Most building professionals would agree that closed cell spray foam insulation is the highest quality home insulation material that you can choose. The water-resistance and incredible strength come together to add value to your building and make your home last for years to come. Ask your home contractor about adding spray foam insulation to your space. You can also choose a DIY kit and tackle the ceiling yourself though this is not advised, particularly in large spaces.