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Spray Foam Insulation Can Keep You From Freezing

Foam Insulation Can Keep You From Freezing

If your home is cold or drafty this winter, it may be time to consider upgrading your insulation. While fiberglass insulation is nice and has long been the industry standard, many homeowners are opting for spray foam insulation as a way to cut back on costs by creating a tighter barrier against heat loss.

Spray foam insulation works when 2 chemicals are mixed to create a foam that expands and fills all types of cracks or gaps. The foam hardens in just minutes, leaving behind a rigid structure that is impermeable to water and has a high insulation value or R value for its thickness.


When looking at installation of spray foam insulation, you basically have 2 options available: either DIY it or hire a professional. If you choose the former, you’ll need to order a kit online. Measure the space you have to insulate and then go online to make sure you get a large enough kit. You’ll also want to get a couple extra nozzles in case you accidentally clog one while working with the foam.

If you’re not much of a DIY champion, you might want to hire someone todo the hard work for you. Look for a contractor that specializes in spray foam insulation as they will already have the necessary materials and they will have already done the job multiple times over. Installation of spray foam insulation can be done by your local hardware store or by a professional foam installer such as a builder.

Where to Use It

Basically, you can use spray foam insulation anywhere that you would use regular insulation. Floors, walls and ceilings are the usual culprits. Spray foam insulation is particularly useful in basements or ceilings, where water can get in and do significant damage. When used in ceilings or walls, the spray foam adds strength to the structure while insulating against heat loss.

The more spray foam insulation you can install, the warmer your home will be in the winter. This is because less heat will be able to escape, so your house will maintain a constant, comfortable temperature.

If you’re ready to stop being cold this winter, give your local home builder a call and ask about having spray foam insulation installed in your home. You may be surprised to see how affordable it is to get the insulation you need to have a more comfortable living space. Call today to get a free quote on getting spray foam insulation put into your house.