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Are Energy Efficient Homes More Valuable?

Are Energy Efficient Homes More Valuable?

There was a time when a big bathroom or a large yard was on the top of every buyers wish list. That time has long gone and today’s home buyer is looking for something a little less superficial – energy efficiency. The long standing debate over whether having lower energy bills would increase a home’s resale value has finally been resolved with green homes coming out on top. A recent study has found that Energy Star appliances, energy efficient doors, new windows and other upgrades help to increase a home’s value.

So how much can an energy upgrade net you? About 9 percent according to studies. Amongst homes with similar design, construction and location, energy efficient models sell for roughly 9 percent more than their less efficient counterparts.


It’s important to have the certifications to back up your claims. Energy Star certifications ensure the buyer that the appliances and other features of the home meet strict guidelines set by government agencies. The Energy Star rating system is clearly labeled on products that meet standards for low energy consumption and high efficiency. The program was first put in place in 1992 and has been adopted by countries around the world.

Of course, not all products are stamped with the bright yellow Energy Star logo. Spray foam insulation for example is very energy efficient, but once installed, there is no indicator to potential buyers that it is in place. You’ll have to disclose the details about the insulation yourself, and sometimes having paperwork to prove your claims can come in handy. Getting a professional to install the insulation is the best way to ensure it lives up to its claims of creating an air and vapor barrier.


There are currently labels used to assess the energy efficiency of commercial buildings, but few such designations exist for residential properties. Home owners are not yet seeking out the proper certifications and labels for their homes to make them attractive to buyers. Many realtors are against rating homes in terms of energy efficiency as a means of avoiding the creation of 2 markets. Realtors worry that the rating system would create a gap in the price of homes that meet the rating system standards and homes that do not. They also claim that homeowners who don’t invest in pricey ratings systems could be penalized by the government or the town they live in.

While promoting energy efficiency in homes should definitely be promoted as it decreases energy consumption and increases home value, it should be noted that government programs and rating systems can certainly backfire. Do your research, find out more about energy efficient homes and become educated on how the energy you use is produced.

If you’re interested in finding out more about energy efficiency and scheduling a quote on high-quality, super-efficient spray foam insulation, click on the link below.