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How does EcoLogic Spray Foam Control Indoor Air Quality?

The more insulation you have, the better your house will be sealed against air leaks and other environmental hazards, right? Wrong. It turns out that sealed homes can’t breathe and as a result, air quality can quickly diminish. The folks at EcoLogic understand that you want to have a comfortable house with good quality air and they’ve created a spray foam that can help control indoor air quality to make your home a more pleasant place to live.


In Canada, it’s important to have a well-insulated home for energy efficiency and to reduce energy dependency. The climate changes rapidly throughout the year, and the effect on homes is significant. Humidity in the summer and brutally cold winters take their toll on insulation, creating structural damage and eating up energy as insulation is worn down over the years.


Fiberglass insulation


Most Canadian homes are insulated with fiberglass insulation. In Canada, it’s important to use a product that resists moisture while still adding thermal protection. The insulation needs to act as an air barrier as well as a vapor barrier. Traditional construction incorporates layers of air and vapor barriers to protect the interior of the homes, but sometimes these protective measures backfire, causing thousands of dollars worth of damage.


Instead of automatically reaching for the roll of pink fiberglass insulation, treat your home with spray foam insulation. The modern insulating material provides an air and vapor barrier while creating thermal protection for our home.


What is spray foam insulation?


Spray foam insulation is made up of billions of tiny plastic wrapped gas bubbles which don’t move and resist absorbing moisture. The durable material helps prevent mold and mildew that trapped water can create for a healthier home and cleaner air. It’s the best insulation available for Canada’s climate and can easily result in lower utility bills and a stronger structure. While the initial cost is slightly higher than for fiberglass insulation, EcoLogic spray foam insulation will lower your utility bills for years to come, paying for itself fairly quickly.




If you’re suffering from poor air quality, odds are that mold and mildew have something to do with it. Damage to wood frame buildings is common in Canada and often unseen damage leads to a reduction in indoor air quality. If left untreated, mold can spread throughout a space causing damage to the structure as well as the occupants.


Instead of messing around with layers of barriers and insulation that can shift and let air through, EcoLogic spray foam insulation goes in quickly, creating an impenetrable layer that helps repel water and promote good air quality. Not only is the foam good for your indoor air, it’s also eco-friendly, so you can feel good about installing it.


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