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Does spray foam insulation waterproof my house

There are many types of insulation but the spray foam is best of them for its great combination of properties that it offers to you. One of these is that along the temperature it will also keep your house waterproof.

The amazing thing with spray foam is that you use only one insulating agent and you get to keep the temperature that is inside from spreading out and the temperature from the outside from getting in. In the same time you also fight mold, waterproof your home and fight against the pests. Pests usually infest your home and can cause all sorts of health issues to you and your family, plus they are not something you want your visitors to see in your house.

When you apply the spray foam all of that is something you can easily fight against as there are only few places it could be coming from, such as open windows and outside doors.

The same applies to the waterproofing with spray foam. It will fill out every crack in the walls and create an airtight lit that the water will simply not be able to go through. This comes in handy when you get back home from a vacation and find out that there would have been something bad waiting for you, while instead the issue is concentrated to a specific area and not through the entire house.

There are few things to note if you are using spray foam as a waterproofing agent and that is that based on the foam type that you use, you will need to create a certain thickness of your foam to make sure that moisture and water can not get through. People with experience will be able to give you the right thickness, the right foam type and mixture that should go into the space that you wanted to insulate, or give you the advice on what to put next to it if the space is just too small.

You could do this all by yourself if you want, but we strongly suggest that you contact people with experience for advice and to have someone with you that has done that before. We can help you with any advice or suggestion that you might want or need regarding the insulation of your house so feel free to submit a form on our website and get your estimate today.

Sometimes it is simply better to calculate the cost of doing something yourself and count for all the little things that professionals with experience see almost every day and know how to approach. When you go for professional firms, we only suggest taking a look at the reviews that they have as well as the years that they are operational as that will give you the best estimate of what is the right firm to contact and let into your home. A spray foam insulation gone wrong can do a lot of damage to your home and to the health of your family.