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Considering the Cost of Spray Foam Insulation in Toronto

Once you’ve been sold on the energy and protection benefits of spray foam insulation for your home, you may be asking, “How much will cost Spray Foam Insulation in Toronto?”


The answer to that question can depend on a few factors, and we’d like to help you consider those as you decide where to go for your spray foam insulation needs.


  1. How big is the job?  Setup time can affect the price of your insulation time.  A job that can be done in one day will cost less per square foot than a larger job.  However, a large job that can be done continuously rather than split up into several jobs will be more cost-effective overall than a number of smaller jobs.  The location of the job within your home may be a factor as well.
  2. What type of insulation will you use?  Generally, open-cell spray foam is less expensive than closed-cell spray foam insulation.  This is, in part, because closed-cell spray foam insulation has a higher R-value than open-cell spray foam insulation.  The average R-value of open-cell insulation is about 3.5, while the R-value of closed cell insulation can be as high as 15. In addition, open-cell insulation can stop air but not moisture, while closed-cell foam is both air and moisture impermeable, and it can strengthen the wall, ceiling, or roof to which it is applied.
  3. Professional installation or DIY?  Of course, doing a job yourself can save money, providing it is done safely and correctly.  However, it is important to consider the machinery involved as well as the hazardous nature of the materials.  If you are a skilled do-it-yourselfer, it may be worth the savings.  However, it is labor-intensive, so the money spent having a professional come in and do it well may be worth the peace of mind.
  4. Cost over time?  When you put paper to pencil up front, the cost of spray foam insulation over traditional insulation may seem high.  However, because of its superior sealing, the expansion that allows it to fill every crevice, and especially the strengthening feature of closed-cell insulation, the energy savings over time make it a more cost-effective choice. In a report published by the US Department of Energy in 2012, energy savings with spray foam insulation can be anywhere from $280 to $390 dollars per year.  The National Association of Home Builders estimates that the average family will stay in a home for 12 years, so that means that spray foam insulation can save that family up to $4680.


Of course, in addition to all of these considerations, you want to choose a company that does the job with attention to detail and quality that is competitively priced.  It pays to do your homework and find the best deal for the highest quality service.  If you have specific questions about the cost of having your Toronto home insulated with spray foam insulation, feel free to contact Airseal by clicking below, and we will be happy to walk through the process with you.