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Commercial Spray Foam Insulation

Homeowners have been hearing a lot lately about the benefits of spray foam insulation, but few people realize that the powerful weather protectant can also be used in commercial applications. Many contractors prefer spray foam insulation because of its high performance and amazing value.

High Payoffs

Spray foam insulation creates a great seal that fills in gaps and cracks while creating a tough and durable layer throughout the wall. Spray foam insulation not only keeps air in place, it also prevents pests and mold from infiltrating the area, leading to much more than just energy savings.

it’s also fast to install. The foam is sprayed in by only one or two technicians and the drying time is very small. In most cases, the insulation can be completed in just one or two days, getting contractors back on the site faster to finish up work. It can be installed in new buildings or areas undergoing renovations. It is especially useful in spaces that have cracks or gaps that would need to be patched too since it serves to seal these areas as well as insulate.

Depending on the type of spray foam insulation used, it can also help strengthen the structure and provide support for walls and floors. The spray foam becomes rigid when dry, distributing weight better for a stronger building.

Long-term Results

Spray foam insulation doesn’t sag or settle and it never requires replacing or repairing. Not only will you save money by choosing spray foam insulation in the long run, you’ll also prevent future losses of time since you’ll never have to clear out the space for repairs or re-insulating.

Spray foam insulation can be used in cold storage warehouses, office buildings, manufacturing plants, roofs and even metal buildings. It goes in quickly and size or shape of a space is never an issue.



While there are some DIY kits available, most people prefer using a contractor. Specialized equipment is needed for the best results and because the foam rises then hardens fairly quickly, it’s important for the installer to be well-practiced to avoid wasting the product or creating unintentional gaps. The size and type of project will determine the type of spray foam insulation needed. Suggestions will be given during the quoting process.

For quotes on spray foam insulation for your commercial space, click on the link below. Make the smart business choice by choosing insulation that goes in quickly and creates an air barrier that will reduce energy costs for years to come.