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Can I rent a spray foam insulation machine?

Spray foam is a type of insulation that will save you lots of energy and money on the long run. If you want to go green and save your environment, then a spray foam insulation would be a good option.

Spray foam insulation can be performed in two ways. You can do this procedure yourself by renting an insulation machine or you can hire a professional company that has all the equipment and experience that is necessary to perform the insulation.

There are advantages of doing the spray insulation yourself, but there are also many disadvantages. You should know that the only advantage of doing the spray foam insulation yourself is that you will save money on labor. It is costly to insulate your house with spray foam and when you add the cost of labor, the total amount rises.

The disadvantage of doing the spray foam yourself is that the spray foam insulation could go wrong. If the chemicals are not mixed right, they will not be stabilized and they will present a potential danger for your health. If you feel a bad fish smell after the spray foam insulation, then this insulation needs to be removed from your house. Some people experienced joint pain in the knees, headache after few minutes in house where the insulation is performed and the swelling of feet. Also there are cases of children who got asthma or rash as they were in the house when the insulation was performed and plus the insulation was not done according by the book.

If the insulation is not performed by the professionals, then some dangerous chemicals like formaldehyde can be released into the air that can be connected with the appearance of cancer. There are two sets of special chemicals that need to be handled properly in order to prevent the health problems and to have a successful spray foam insulation. Spray foam needs to be sprayed in thin layers, so you could give time to the spray foam to cure and chemicals to stabilize.

There are many things that need to be taken care of when spraying a foam on your walls, roof or floors. You should make sure that you hire a professional team of people like people that can be found in Airseal. By hiring a professional team you will be protecting your investment and you will not get in the situation that you need to remove a spray foam that was not properly applied.

By hiring experts to do the insulation, you will protect the health of your family and you will be saving money as it will be done by experienced people. If you hire someone that is not trained, does not have all the necessary licenses or you do it yourself, then you will end up paying more at the end when compared with hiring a professional company on the start.

When it comes to saving money, spray foam insulation is a good option if performed right. Make sure that you put your trust in a reputable company that has experience in this field.