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  • “With Icynene® in our townhouse, our energy bills are 35% less than our neighbors who used fiberglass, and with the addition of an air filter, our son is having less asthma attacks. Icynene® has really made the difference!”
  • Murray Clarke, Toronto, Canada
  • “The attic of my cabana-style building would typically be about 150 degrees in the summer. After re-insulating the underside of the roof deck with Icynene, the attic is no more than 1-5 degrees different than the inside of the building below.”
  • Bob Miller, Sarasota, Florida
  • “We have a ceramic floor above the garage and in the winter, the floor would often be 18 degrees colder than the room temperature difference is now less than 2 degrees. And we no longer have frozen pipes!”
  • Todd & Jeri Scebold, Ames, lowa
  • “Our kitchen was so cold in the winter that the water line to our refrigerator froze and cracked. It’s an old house without a crawl space and nobody could figure out how to help us. We thought we’d have to sell the house, but Airseal Insulators came in and sprayed magical foam underneath our floor joists, in our walls, and now, come February, the kitchen is the warmest room in the house.”
  • Kathryn Humphreys, City TV, Toronto
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