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Ephraim Alon

As our lead project co-coordinator, Ephrayim brings his 10+ years of general contracting knowledge and experience to our team. With a thorough understanding of preferred construction materials and practices, Ephrayim skillfully and accurately assesses our customers’ projects and needs allowing us to deliver our insulation service in an efficient and effective manner and achieving 100% customer satisfaction.

Joe Simon

Joe is our in-house Heating, Air Conditioning and Ventilation specialist. Since Icynene® is a revolutionary energy efficiency product, all the building mechanical systems must be evaluated to accommodate the tight seal that Icynene® delivers.
As a licensed Gas Technician, Refrigeration Mechanic and HVAC Design Expert, Joe ensures that all our projects deliver the maximum efficiency and comfort benefits to all our customers.

Jack Simon

With over 18 years of entrepreneurial and management experience, Jack is responsible for the ongoing healthy growth and financial health of our company. The fabulous blend of his meticulous management style, keen foresight and analytical approach to issues has earned us much respect both from our suppliers and corporate clients. They are eager to deal with a well managed company like Airseal because they are confident that we will be there in the future to service all their needs.

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